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Terae Walters

SFU Student Undergraduate
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I would be lying if I said that switching majors and starting my journey here at SFU almost two years ago wasn’t terrifying. The most important thing I’ve learned over the past four semesters is to embrace my fear instead of turning away from it. When you live in fear, you miss out on so many amazing life experiences.

I decided to drop out of film school at the start of 2019 and made the choice to study Communications at SFU. Although I am an extremely outgoing and extroverted person, the thought of meeting new people and learning how to get around a brand-new campus really scared me. I constantly asked myself why I was here, if I made the right choice, and where my decisions would ultimately lead me. What I didn’t realize is that my time here is meant to be spent continually exploring these questions. As a young adult, it is my job to find my passions, focus on them and work hard. If I have the ambition and drive to achieve great things, I know I will reach my goals. I might not know exactly what my path is, but my SFU journey is part of the process. 

Don’t be intimidated to try something new. Don’t let your fears control you, the best part about your educational experience and life in general is that we are all separate individuals with different goals and talents. Capitalize on what you know you enjoy, and the rest will fall into place. 

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