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SFU Student Undergraduate
Beedie School of Business
Co-operative Education

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How will I find a Co-op position that is perfect for me? That is a question that I had throughout my first and even my second seeking term. Thankfully, that is something that I have found the answer to this semester. This journey of mine started with my seeking semester.

The journey begins
A road which is headed to a brighter area

One day, when looking for positions to apply for, I found a position that I thought could become a thrilling experience: this position was at Simon Fraser University. The position involved me promoting Co-op program to other students. As the Co-op program had an amazing impact on me, I felt like this position could help me fulfil my purpose. What also intrigued me was that it was a marketing position, which is something related to my career. However, it also had other tasks which would challenge me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things.

I have always been a fond believer in trying new things. I decided to apply for the role, and my interviewers (later to be supervisors) saw my passion right from the start. Due to this, I landed the position.

Although I felt nervous, the opportunity to learn sparked a strong excitement inside of me. A lot of the tasks were marketing-related, which is the field I am trying to concentrate in. Getting an opportunity to apply my marketing-related knowledge to a purpose I am passionate about while also gaining more digital communications experience was just so exciting.

Fulfilling myself through my passion
An Indesign file where it seems that a post promoting an info session is being designed

One highlight for me was being able to run the Co-op program’s social media campaign which had the purpose of encouraging new students to apply to co-op. As soon as I heard about this project, I had so many emotions pile up inside of me - part of me was happy I would get to run this campaign while another part was anxious to start working on this.

Once the time came around, I already had a total of nine ideas planned out. The idea I decided to go with was regarding making posts discussing how Co-op helps students find their passion. Students helped me by sharing their experiences in Co-op, and I used that information to devise posts and stories. I also got to tap into my creative side by creating reels that follow social media trends to enhance the promotion of the program.

Another project that left me fulfilled was managing our LinkedIn editorial calendar. Through this project, I was given the opportunity to interview students, and to hear about their perspectives of the co-op program. These stories would then be published. The whole process behind this was very engaging. I was able to have fun conversations with students, and I actually learned a lot through their stories. I also got a chance to practice my written communication skills as this task required a lot of emailing.

Fulfilling myself through learning
A view of myExperience's home page

Alongside working on marketing tasks, I also had the opportunity to immerse myself in things that are totally new. I was able to see how the jobs are uploaded on myExperience, and I uploaded positions myself. This was something that brought lots of joy to me as I greatly value the co-op program, and I got to see the work that was done on the inside. I have always been curious on how the positions are uploaded and getting to do it myself was exhilarating.

The main pleasure of working on new tasks for me is that I get to develop new skills. One skill that I have never got a chance to develop was my attention to detail. When uploading jobs, it is a delicate process where attention to detail is important. Although I did have some struggles with missing details, my team was very supportive, and they gave me chances to correct my mistakes. Through this, my attention to detail has and continues to improve.

Furthermore, applying for a position that resonates with your passions is just as important to finding a satisfying experience. This position made me feel fulfilled because the purpose was something that I was passionate about, and the work itself was centered around a lot of tasks that I enjoy doing. All these factors put together left me with a very memorable experience.

Why was I fulfilled?
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This position helped me realize that the main way to find a position that is truly fulfilling is to try something that lets you do what you want to do for your future career while also gaining the opportunity to learn new things. I would recommend finding a position that lets you apply your past knowledge while also allowing you to learn new skills. Not only does this help you expand your skillset, but it also lets you push yourself which will leave you walking out of your Co-op term feeling fulfilled. In this experience, I had lots of fun with people I have grown to love, and I was able to learn plenty.

I could spend hours giving tips on how to get the maximum enjoyment out of your Co-op experience (I worked with several Co-op advisors who helped me a lot with that!), but if I did, I would be here for hours. If you ever have a question, always feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. I wish any future seekers best of luck and hope everyone who reads this has as great an experience as I did.

SFU Student Undergraduate
Co-operative Education
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Mar 30, 2023

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