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Beedie School of Business
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Joining the SFU Finance Club is probably the best decision I have ever made. It emphasizes building networks and developing people skills, and that is what I found to be most intriguing when I joined.

Our annual networking event called Finance Night has given me some of my fondest memories since I joined the club. Planning for the event had been hectic with venue booking, sending invitations to professionals, and attending regular meetings. Our team consists of 10 executives, and sometimes it can be challenging to coordinate meeting times that work with everyone’s busy schedule.

This said, I have gotten to know my team really well and that has made the experience very special. I have also learnt to plan ahead and be more patient with myself. I remind myself that as volunteers, what we do is for the good of the club and the entire Beedie community.

I think the hardest part about volunteering is taking that first step, but once you’re in, it’s great! You learn a lot from the experience.

SFU Student
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May 22, 2018