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What compelled me to volunteer for the BIG Fair was to interact with more people since I was new to the country. There are a lot of cultural differences compared to my home country. I wanted to get involved with the community as much as possible. My responsibilities at the BIG Fair were to assist all the senior leaders/coordinators, as well as the manager, Jocelyn. I was assigned different tasks at different times: one was going around the AQ, and informing people about what [was] going on in the AQ. Once I was done with that, I was assigned the task of helping students to find their top three skills. I was also able to talk to a bunch of employers, and gathered information on what they look for in grads. I think that was a very satisfying experience. Not only did I learn more about the industries, I was able to inform the students as well. The biggest challenge was to communicate with people to market the BIG Fair. There were a lot of people who only came to know about the fair when they came into the AQ. I think the most important advantage to volunteering would be meeting people. It made me feel very comfortable and part of the community which gave me confidence.

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Apr 17, 2019