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Beedie School of Business

I started volunteering for Career Services and the Beedie Career Management Centre last fall. I wanted to learn what I could do to help students on campus to bridge the gap between the professional development world and their experiences here as a student. Helping students brings me satisfaction, and I think helping someone from the same generation is a great way to give back.

As both a Career Peer and a Business Coach, it’s not about telling students what to do, but giving them suggestions for improvement. Whatever route the students choose, we try to make sure it’s something that’s fulfilling for them. I think the most exciting part of both these positions is working within a team. When we’re all together, it’s a lot of fun. We all talk about the same topics and we have different opinions on them, and we learn from each other.

During our team meetings, we can brush up on our skills, we participate in a lot of fun games, and we learn from our senior Career Peers. I think the part that is the most fun. We just love spending time with each other.

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Mar 26, 2018