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Position Title

When I entered the Beedie School of Business, I wanted to get involved right away, so I joined the SFU Marketing Association (SMA). I initially started off in the business development department; in my second year, I became VP of internal relations, and this year I am president. I help manage several departments in the club and coordinate events such as the annual SMACKDOWN, a marketing competition.

I think my biggest learning experience from my time at SMA was when I became the VP of internal relations. The president at the time and myself had a vision of creating a strong club culture. There was a lot of groundwork that went into it, so I was able to see exactly what it takes to be in industries like marketing, as well as Human Resources.

Volunteering has definitely brought me out of my shell. I used to be a behind the scenes kind of person, but now I am more involved, and I am always looking to learn more from my mentors. This position is something that you can’t get anywhere else. Every position I’ve had, in fact, has given me something that I feel I could relate to the real world.

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Oct 8, 2018