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Co President
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After I transferred from Capilano in my third year, I wanted to learn more about the SFU campus community and get to know some of the students that I would be taking classes with. I joined the SFU Biology Student Union and was the Treasurer for a year, and now I am one of two Co-Presidents of the club.

We have committee meetings where we come up with things to engage the biology community around campus, such as movie nights and ice breakers. We also have a wonderful Biology student’s common room. It’s a great place to hang out, have awesome conversations, and make friends. Through volunteering for the Student Union, I have become more efficient with my time and I am much more confident in my ability to see my vision through from start to finish.

It’s an amazing thing to see an idea turn into a reality. A lot of people say it’s good to volunteer because you can put it on your resume. That’s true, but the reason that you put it on your resume is because you want the employer to know that you have learnt something valuable. Through volunteering, you always learn something valuable.

Co President
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Aug 21, 2018