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Ines Husen

SFU Student Undergraduate
Science › Biomedical Physiology + Kinesiology › General

Co-op Work Term Number

Working at The Right Shoe as a biomechanical footwear assessor has given me many insights into providing the best fitting experience to our customers. We value every step of our fitting service, from greetings at the door leading up to the checkout process. Along with their final choice of footwear, how we create a memorable fitting service builds a connection with our customers that brings them back to us whenever they need to find the right shoe.

Throughout my work term, I was continuously guided by my colleagues when facing the challenges of picking the right footwear for my customers. This made me realize how important teamwork is, so I wanted to contribute to the team by applying effective team communication and workplace organization. I tried to accomplish this by proactively approaching customers in need of help, keeping shoe displays and store cleanliness in check, looking for tasks to do during slow hours, and many more. Everyone’s contributions to the team have made me appreciate the great team dynamic that we have at The Right Shoe.

In addition to acquiring extensive knowledge of products offered by the store, I was able to gain an in-depth understanding of them through a medical perspective. For example, although some shoes that we carry are advertised as performance-elevating running shoes, I was able to analyze the specific components that different shoes carry and advertise their medical benefits to medically referred customers. I became more confident in helping these customers with their foot problems as I continually kept myself updated with the newest shoe technologies.

Working at The Right Shoe for 8 months has given me a lot of valuable lessons to take for my future career plans in kinesiology. This includes learning the latest shoe technologies directly from brand representatives and applying that knowledge to fit shoes into customers as we analyze their needs. I would recommend anyone looking for experience in the field to come work at The Right Shoe!