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Career Peer
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I became a Career Peer Educator because in my first 2 years of SFU, I barely joined clubs or attended social events and gatherings. My most memorable experience was meeting other Career Peers and students, and just getting the opportunity to be a part of BIG Fair. I never went to one and even as a student, I would just walk pass it; but being a Career Peer, I was actually a part of it. Seeing how it was organized, the planning of it, and having the table just to promote our services was a totally different experience.

Being in Co-op, we had to go through the Resume Workshop, but as a Career Peer, we had more specific training, which got to more in-depth information. In general, I’ve learned to be more confident. During our training, we would have one on one sessions with each other. For me it was hard to just speak, because even for presentations in class I get really nervous. After all the training and advising now, I’ve become more comfortable telling the students my knowledge. I’m advising students on resume, cover letters, and interview tips.

I find that it’s even helping me in my job search for Co-op. I recently had an interview and I just felt really confident. In my first two years I didn’t join a lot of things, and I think that kind of set me back. Now I can see that there’s so much that you can be involved in. So, my advice would be just try new things and keep an open mind because you never know what opportunities will lead to.

Career Peer
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Nov 13, 2018