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Beedie School of Business
SFU Student
Position Title

I’ve been volunteering all over the place. I’ve done volunteering through SFU Surrey Open Houses, Beedie School of Business through their Op Fest and lastly the SFU Fusion Festival at Surrey campus.

On the first day of the Fusion Festival, we found that people enjoyed the games but that something was still missing. Us Team Leaders came together, and we pitched the idea of including music. We brought our own speakers, and it brought more life to the event.

It was nice to collaborate with a team that was so dynamic and worked together so well. Meeting people is the biggest thing that volunteering has done for me, because whether I meet with people who are like-minded or if they think differently from me, it still nourishes my skill sets, abilities and mind.

Some of those volunteer experiences have led to good friendships, some to good collaborations, and some of them have just led to little things like “hey you should take this course at SFU”. It adds a little bit more to your knowledge and experience.