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SFU Co-op Student
Position Title

Student name? Jennifer Moreau

Organization name and motto? Advisorly. Our mission, your well-being, always.

What are some projects you have been working on/ or types of work you have been doing? I've been supporting the company's marketing endeavors by developing cohesive advertising materials, social media posts, and assisting in planning events.

What is your favourite part of the job/company? Definitely the people I work with. Everyone is truly so kind and it's like a family there. I'm really lucky to have found this job and can't wait to work on more projects with them.

Employer's thoughts on having a co-op student? Having a coop student has been an incredible experience that we can’t wait to have again! Having a fresh, youthful presence in our office helped us see things in a new light, and helped remind us that the future really does belong to the young. This was truly a two-way learning experience! - Christa Ovenell, Funeral Director and Director of Education and Community Relations

How has the SFU co-op program helped/supported you throughout your co-op journey? Stephanie has been so patient with me and sent me reminders to hand things in. I've been very focused on my work these past 2 terms and was forgetting about things sometimes. Thank you, Stephanie!

What is some advice you would give to other co-op students?  I was nervous about going into co-op because I don't have the highest GPA. Some employers may have noticed, but honestly, most paid it no mind. If you aren't sure you could do it because you don't get straight A's, here's your sign.