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SFU Co-op Student
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I became a Career Peer Educator because I see myself in a lot of students.

We help people with their career related documents, as well as help with interview skills and finding jobs on campus. Sometimes students have lots of experience, but don’t have confidence in themselves. For this reason, I keep origami flowers and a bowl of gems in our office for them. Sometimes, I’ll take out a gem and tell them that we are like gems ourselves. You know the gem’s not perfect, and it can’t move. The only thing it can do is shine. That’s why we’re here: to help you and your documents shine. When I use this analogy, I see the students smile, I see their confidence levels rise, and I can sense their determination.

Having been in a recruiter position before and being a student myself, I know that students are struggling. That’s why I decided to be the connector between these two worlds. If you can see yourself in others and are passionate about helping your peers, the Peer Programs can be a really excellent opportunity to interact with people of diverse backgrounds and practice your skills in a professional setting.

SFU Co-op Student
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Jan 19, 2018