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I've known about Japanese idol culture (fan culture revolving around Japanese pop stars) for a few years and I've got a lot of friends who are into it, but what really tempted me to get into it was when I saw a live idol event when I was on exchange in Japan. It was an awesome experience and when I came back to SFU I decided to join the Idol Culture & Dance Club.

One time there was a screening here in Vancouver of a concert in Japan by a famous group called 'Love Live!' It was the first ever screening event that they held in Canada and all the members of Idol Culture attended. It was such a unique way to experience this awesome culture directly from Japan.

It's very popular, but a lot of people here don't necessarily understand why we love it. So, I like to let others know about it – I show them, let them listen and do whatever I can to give them a taste of the expert ways to experience it – you can be a performer or just be a person in the audience. You can have so much fun no matter where you are, and that's the amazing thing about it.