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SFU Co-op Student

"Semester in Dialogue was the perfect program for someone who wants to understand why we think the way we do. The main topic was the future of housing. We had thought leaders come into the class every week, and they included individuals from the MLA for Vancouver West-End, someone who experienced homelessness and sex work, to someone in the technology industry. The wide variety of individuals showcased how complex housing really is, and allowed the class to take on different approaches when making policy recommendations. The focus on dialogue and conversation to solve complex problems made me approach situations from a holistic perspective, especially with the support from my amazing cohort and instructors."

Shina Kaur is a 4th year Psychology student who completed Semester in Dialogue over the summer. She is currently the VP of University Relations with SFSS and previously completed an 8 month Co-op as the Engagement Programming Assistant with FASS Engage

This post was originally posted on the SFU Psychology Instagram on August 7, 2019.