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When I first came to SFU, I wanted to focus on international relations, but I didn’t know what my exact focus would be. When another student and I founded the SFU Model NATO Club in 2015, it completely changed my life.

As president, I train other students so that they can attend conferences and simulations, and I also improve the knowledge of the club members by giving them tips about how to excel in the field of International Relations. One difficulty my members encounter is public speaking. When they participate in a simulation, they have to give a speech about the issue of the country they’re representing, and it can be really nerve wrecking, especially when they’re in front of a lot of people. To help them overcome that, I try to create an environment where they feel they’re among equals, and remind them that this is a learning experience for everyone.

Through this club, I have discovered that my passions and interests lie in defence and security, and so I dedicate my extra-curricular time and my degree to that. The Model NATO Club is my favourite thing to do and I commit lot of time to it, because the results are totally worth it.

SFU Student
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May 15, 2018