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Health Sciences
SFU Health Sciences Undergraduate Student Union
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Health ethics is a passion and interest of mine so joining the SFU Health ethics club has allowed me to grow and be more involved in Health ethics. As a club our aim is to promote health ethics knowledge around campus. We discuss current health issues and how ethics are applied to them in areas such as organ donation, medical tourism and bioethics. Our discussions are open to everyone and it's a great way for students to gain more information outside of regular ethics classes.

As president of the club my role involves duties such as organizing events and info sessions. Attendance for events has been difficult but we are coming up with innovative ways to attract more people to the club discussions. Being in this role has taught me that we don’t always have the answers so opening up the table to everyone always helps immensely. Through volunteering you find out what you're good at and what needs more work. It’s so much fun, one opportunity makes way for another opportunity.

SFU Health Sciences Undergraduate Student Union
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Oct 9, 2018