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Two summers ago, I did an internship with Terry Beech, MP. At that time, I knew nothing about politics, but the internship incited a passion within me that drove me to work even harder. Last year, I was elected President of the SFU Young Liberals. We hold bi-weekly events as an opportunity for students to get together and talk about politics. Our club is a place for people who want their voices to be heard, after which we relay the comments and concerns of our club members to our local MP.

The most rewarding part of my role is introducing students to the political landscape, regardless of whether or not they support the Liberal Party. I think it’s important, living in Canada, to know the basics of how our political system works. There’s a common misconception amongst the student body that we’re only here to advocate for the Liberal Party, when in fact, we’re here to support and advocate students. Although we do represent the Party, we work for SFU students.

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Mar 15, 2017