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Pharmasave Drugs Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer
SFU BPK Alumni
Position Title

Carmen earned her Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology) degree in 1992 and a Master of Science degree in 1994. The decision to attend Simon Fraser University was an easy one, given its reputation for having far and away the best Kinesiology program in Western Canada. The time spent completing her Master’s degree with Dr. Glen Tibbits’ guidance and support was a period of incredible growth, far beyond studying cellular cardiology. It prepared her for lifelong learning and challenging the status quo. It also underscored the necessity of perseverance to accomplish anything of significance, not to mention the importance of not taking oneself too seriously. All of these key life learnings have been the foundation for a career that continues to be diverse and fulfilling.  

As CEO of Pharmasave Drugs (National), Carmen Churcott is responsible for the strategic leadership of Pharmasave’s 500-plus community retail pharmacies across Canada. Pharmasave embodies the winning combination of independent community-focused entrepreneurs with a powerful national brand and is recognized as one of the most trusted community drug store banners in Canada, with a strong reputation for exceptional customer care, value and world-class service.

Prior to joining Pharmasave, Carmen worked for over 15 years in the grocery industry for one of Canada’s largest private companies. Her career responsibilities included Vice President Merchandising, Marketing, Media Relations, and Customer Loyalty, as well as Vice President eCommerce, Technology and Communications. Carmen’s experience also includes Human Resources, Employee Development and Public Relations. Carmen was named one of Canadian Grocer’s Star Women in Grocery for 2012, recognized by the Canadian Grocery industry for her influence as a change agent and for her innovation, leadership and dedication to the industry.

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