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SFU BPK Student

Mariel here! I'm in my second year, and in my downtime I enjoy playing the guitar. You can also catch me in @sfuco's virtual ensembles or volunteering as a Health Peer for SFU's Health and Counselling.

Your chosen major and future career plans:

Behavioral Neuroscience, looking towards an MD or counselling!

Why did you choose to study BPK?

I Googled SFU's programs in elementary school and saw the BNS page with all the fancy EEG electrodes and was pretty much sold on it since then LOL

Any hidden talents?

I can cook Japanese curry from scratch (which may or may not contain a banana)

This post was originally posted to the SFU BPK Instagram on January 12, 2021. 

SFU BPK Student
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Mar 14, 2022