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Major Decisions

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The process of choosing a major can be difficult for many students. There is a lot of pressure to make this seemingly life-altering decision quickly, but remember that everyone is going on their own pace. Read these stories for inspiration and support on finding the right major for you. 

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How my First Co-op Position Inspired me to Dream

As an undergraduate student who decided to switch my degree from Psychology to Communication on a whim, I was very nervous about my future career path, especially since I felt like I was the only person that had no big dreams in life. Therefore, I decided to apply to Co-op to start piecing together my goals and ambitions.

Lauretta Umukoro
SFU Story
Why a Sociology Major?
Photo of Aleeze Asif
The Journey from Business to Arts

Aleeze reflects on a major career decision that led her to switch majors from Businesss to SIAT and how that positively affected her life.

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