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Beedie School of Business
Vice President of Marketing

The Pursuit of Happiness aims to promote mental and physical health awareness on campus; we do this by hosting events to create a safe, fun environment for students to engage with each other. It is rewarding to see students come to our events and get to break away from their studies to do something fun and engaging.

Within my positions at Pursuit of Happiness, I was able to do a lot of coordination with various stakeholders, and plan events with my team. These experiences helped me land a Co-op position in Employer Relations and Event Planning. As students, the first thing on our mind may be to focus upon our studies; but choosing to get involved and volunteer provides so many opportunities to build connections and get experience. I would say go volunteer for something you care about; something you can be passionate about, and something you can see the impact from. It can open up possibilities you haven't even thought of.

Vice President of Marketing
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Nov 6, 2018