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Compassion in Christ
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When I first came to SFU, like any other typical first year student, I didn’t know anyone and I was super nervous. I went to Clubs Day, stopped by the ‘Compassion in Christ’ table and then next thing I know, I was at an event they were hosting that Friday.

Two years later and I am now a part of the executive team for the club and I have enjoyed every single bit of it! Compassion in Christ is a Korean faith based club aimed at encouraging students and helping them become more confident in their faith. We have taken an approach of a transition kind of club so everyone is welcome, even if you haven’t been attending church. I love that we are able to provide a safe, casual and comfortable space for students who may be struggling with their faith and are looking for somewhere where their questions can be heard.

As a university student, there’s so much more going on in your life besides your studies such as relationships, work, family and we have had pastors and speakers who have taken their time to come and teach us and help us in these areas.

A speaker that I personally connected with the most was with us for almost 2 full semesters. He was very much oriented towards university students and was very realistic in his approach. He made us realize that it’s okay if we’re not perfect and it’s okay if we make mistakes, but what matters is that you pick yourself back up.

A challenge we have faced as the leadership of the club has been trying to maintain a regular membership throughout the year. In the spring, we have a lot of members, but in the summer, we have a very small group. I guess it is kind of inevitable, but you always want to try to work your hardest to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Compassion in Christ
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Apr 15, 2019